Cat Urine

Cat Behavior Training

Sometimes you will need to resort to cat behavior training. If the cause of the inappropriate urination is not physical or spraying then there must be something in the cat’s environment that is causing the problem.

One thing is for certain, the longer the problem is left unresolved the harder it is to fix and you will become frustrated in removing pet urine odors from your house over and over.

No matter what the cause it is absolutely wrong to punish the cat because this is their way of telling you that they have a problem so please try and resolve the issue without punishment.

Many times the litter box is the problem. Every cat has their own ideas on what constitutes a clean box with some requiring daily cleaning while others happy if their litter box is cleaned every couple of days.

If you have more than one cat this could also be an issue as some cats will not use a litter box another cat has used while other cats may prefer it because of the smell of the other cat. A good rule of thumb is to have one litter box per cat and some experts suggest having one extra litter box as well.

Changing the brand of litter they are used to can also cause a cat to reject their box.

Some cats are very sensitive and will target specific items of an individual in your household to spray because of some perceived issue or threat. Jealously can also play a role like a new baby getting all of the attention. Any changes to your cat’s normal routine or environment is also a factor to consider.

Cat urine behavior issues can be very hard to determine and resolve so you must have patience and watch your kitty closely. Try the prevention tips first and if nothing seems to work you might consider talking to your Vet or a pet behavioral specialist. These steps should go a long way in your efforts in removing urine odors in your home.

To completely remove cat pee stains and odors I recommend a good cat urine remover.