Cat Urine

Cat Peeing On Shoes

Cats have a tendency to urinate on bedding, clothes, carpets and furniture. In some cases it can be a sign of an underlying medical condition which needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian as soon as possible. In most cases the urination problem with cats is related to litter box avoidance or inappropriate elimination outside of the litterbox. In most cases it cannot be explained by the amount or type of litter used, the volume or type of food offered to the feline friend, or the size and behavior of the kitten.

Urination outside of the litterbox can be due to inappropriate elimination due to a medical condition. Inappropriate elimination can also be a sign of illness if a cat is giving off an unpleasant odor. In some cases it can also be due to marking behavior.

One reason cats eliminate on sofas and cat beds is to create a territorial boundary or boundary marker. Some cats like to urinate on clothing or shoes because they have a strong sense of smell, and the smell of their owner remains in the fabric. If your cat has marked an item with his scent you will need to get rid of all traces of the odor before you can hope to resolve this problem. There are several products on the market to remove this odor. One of the best is called Out! (by Hartz Mountain) and is available online and in pet supply stores. It removes all odors making it possible to resolve this behavior problem.

You will also need to change your routine so that you don’t allow your cat to get access to the item again. Redirect him to a different litterbox or spot where he can urinate freely. If your cat has urinated on your clothing, shoes or furniture make sure that you change your clothes and shoes before you go back in the room where he is. He needs to know that you are not upset with him but he needs to stop urinating on the item. You also need to explain to everyone in the household that if they don’t put his items back where they found them or put his litter box where it belongs, then he will be forced to do so himself by urinating on them.