Cat Urine

Kitten Not Peeing In Litter Box

This is an issue that so many cat owners have at one time or another. Your cat will be using the litter tray, then all of a sudden he or she stops using it, and starts going elsewhere instead. Sometimes this is because of a medical problem such as a urinary tract infection. Sometimes your cat may have decided that the litter tray was too dirty for his or her liking, and is looking for an alternative.

There are a few facts to consider before you panic: Firstly, your kitten has the same number of toileting zones in the house as it did before he stopped using the litter box – so not to worry, you haven’t suddenly got more litter trays than you need. Secondly, giving your cat extra freedom by opening up more areas of your house may make him want to pee in more places.

Lastly, your kitten may be peeing in places other than the litter tray – it is not uncommon for kittens to need to go outside for a wee.

It is important that you don’t punish your cat when he or she stops using the litter tray. This can make it more difficult for your cat to go out on their own and relieve themselves, increasing the likelihood of them choosing somewhere else.

You can stop your kitten from peeing on your carpet by using a spray bottle – fill with water and sprinkle a little vinegar in for good measure. This can be useful when your cat uses the litter tray, but occasionally indicates that he or she needs to go outside immediately. However, if you are still experiencing problems long after trying this method, then you should seek medical advice from your local vet.

It is also important to stop your kitten from peeing on the furniture. This can be done by using a grocery bag and placing it in an upright position – this will act as a barrier for your kitten, keeping him or her from urinating on your furniture.

If your cat continues to use the litter tray and doesn’t go elsewhere to relieve itself, then you should take some time to observe your cat closely. If you’ve noticed that he or she no longer urinates in the litter tray, but instead goes outside at every opportunity, then this may be causing some tension between you and him or her that can be resolved by investing more time into improving his or her relationship with you.