Cat Urine

Cat Urine Home Remedy

There are many cat urine remover home remedy solutions floating around that claim to help in removing pet stains but the fact of the matter is they simply do not work:

Home Remedy

Why it doesn’t work…


Might remove stains but not urine odor. Also can make your cat want to pee more because the smell of ammonia is close to the smell of urine.

Any type of citrus based product

Only temporarily masks urine smell.

Any type of liquid soap

Just plain doesn’t work.


Besides the strong smell bleach can also fade carpet and fabrics.

Carpet shampooing

Only works on the surface of the affected area and not deep down where the urine crystals are.

Hydrogen peroxide

Only temporary relief before the urine odor comes back as strong as ever.

Oxygenated products

Only works on the surface of the affected area. Doesn’t get rid of cat urine smell and could cause discoloration in fabrics and carpet.


Locks in pet odor and can cause the stain to set.


Used by itself just makes the problem area that much bigger.