Cat Urine

Cat Urine Remover Tips

Cat urine problems can be a serious issue in a household but as you will see it can also be a sign of serious cat health or cat behavior problems and should not be taken lightly.

In fact, before you buy a cat urine remover you really need to understand why you are having problems to begin with.

Get rid of that cat pee smell! I want that urine gone right now! These are probably the first things that pop into your mind when your cat doesn’t use it’s litter box. Along with the strong cat urine odor smells, stains, ruined clothes and carpets (check the carpet and rug institutes website for more info) are all probably familiar to the majority of cat owners that have had or are having cat urine problems.

Many times your efforts to clean these “accidents” with regular household cleaners do not work for pet odor removal and your cat might just keep on surprising you day in and day out by urinating in the same spot.

So you see, it’s not only choosing a cat urine removal product that is an issue it is equally important to understand why your cat is doing this and take the necessary steps to prevent future incidents.

Cats by their very nature are very clean animals so by peeing outside of their litter box they are trying to communicate to you that they have a problem. If you look at it from that perspective we think you will approach the issue with a caring loving attitude and not one of anger and punishment which is absolutely the wrong way to handle the problem.

It is important to first understand the possible reasons your cat is doing this before we even consider an animal urine remover otherwise you will just be caught in a vicious cycle that will only anger you more and could possibly seriously affect you cat’s health.

Our goal here is to explain these reasons in a simple straight to the point format and give you the best advice available on how to stop your cat from urinating outside their litter box.

We will also help you find a urine odor remover product that will work. No matter how serious the problem, or extreme the smell, we’ll help you select a product to eliminate cat urine stains and smells.

It is very important to properly clean affected areas or clothing as soon as possible with a professional cleaning product as cats have a natural tendency to urinate in a spot they have previously marked with their scent.

Remember, a cat’s sense of smell is far more superior to ours so you must not only deodorize the area with a good cat urine cleaner you must also neutralize the cat urine odor as well.