Cat Urine

Cat Spraying

Cat spraying is defined as a cat urinating on a vertical surface like a doorway or furniture leg as opposed to peeing on a flat surface like the floor.

Note that female cats do sometimes spray on a flat surface. Also watch out for a cat scratching furniture.

Neutered cats of both sexes can spray but it is the un-neutered cat that sprays more often. Sometimes neutering will stop the spraying but this does not always work and you should always discuss the pros and cons of neutering with your Vet.

One reason a cat sprays is due to their territorial nature and they will often mark their little piece of the world by leaving behind some urine. Another reason is due to anxiety, the cat feels stressed or threatened.

For instance:

Too many other cats in the house.

Adding another cat to the household.

Outdoor cats passing by or in your yard.

Any stressful situation such as moving or someone new living in the house.

Problems with an individual in the house (personal items being sprayed).

How to avoid cat urine spraying?

To permanently eliminate the spraying problem you must find out the reason for your cat’s behavior and change it. This must be done before you buy a cat urine stain remover or you will just be wasting your money. A Vet can only offer temporary relief through medication so you might have to spend some time observing your cat to see if you can discover the motivation behind the spraying and take the appropriate corrective action.

There is also a possibility that your cat has Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Your Vet can perform a urine test to determine if your cat has FLUTD and it is very treatable.

To discourage kitty while you try and discover why they are spraying you might try putting some lemon juice on the areas they normally mark as cats do not like the smell of lemons. Be sure that the surface won’t be damaged because of the acidic nature of the lemon juice before applying.

I recommend Urine Gone cat urine remover for cat spray stain and odor removal. It works on carpets, mattresses, furniture and clothes and is an effective cat urine stain eliminator. All you have to do is darken the room and use the included stain detector black light to make the pee stains glow. Spray Urine Gone on the stains and let it dry. Stains and odors will disappear and keep your cat from remarking their territory.